CNC Stirrup bender and straightening&cutting machine

With the huge amount of steel wire processing in cut and bend factory or construction site,people want to improve the steel wire capacity with high speed straightening&cutting machine,therefor people start to think the automatic stirrup bender is easy to operate,can start and stop immediately,also the feeding speed can up to 100m/min ,so if add collect bench in the automatic CNC stirrup bender machine, it can be high speed straightening&cutting machine?

stirrup bending machine

stirrup bending machine

After the test, people found it is perfect to change the automatic CNC stirrup bender to be high speed straightening&cutting machine.

Because it is changed from the automatic CNC stirrup bending machine, so the main parts are same as stirrup bending machine,

The functions of each institution are as follows:

  1. Material payoff

It is composed of a vertical payoff and guide rack, which can feed materials at high speed while preventing random lines and double-line interference.

stirrup bending machine

  1. Horizontal straightening mechanism

The horizontal straightening mechanism is composed of a bracket, 2 sets rollers, 5 fixed wheels, 5 double-line adjusting wheels, and 2 groups of single-line adjusting wheels. This mechanism mainly performs horizontal steel straightening.

  1. Feeding mechanism

The feeding mechanism is composed of feeding bracket, two driving wheels, two pressing wheels, air cylinder, servo motor, timing belt and so on. The main function of this mechanism is to transport steel bars and control the feed rate to reach the specified size.

  1. Vertical straightening mechanism

The mechanism consists of a chassis, 4 straightening wheels B, 3 fixed wheels, 3 double-line adjusting wheels, and 2 groups of single-line adjusting wheels. This mechanism mainly performs the straightening of steel bars in the vertical direction.

  1. Cut off mechanism

It consists of a cutting arm, a movable blade, a fixed blade, a crank arm linkage mechanism and its bracket, a brake motor, a sprocket and a chain. Mainly responsible for the cutting of steel bars.

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