2021 is full of hope. All Chinese is on spring festival holiday vocation. It is the most important festival in China and Chinese. Itech wish all customers and friend good luck in new year and good health.

spring festival

spring festival

For Chinese, the Spring Festival is also called the Lunar New Year. In fact, the origins of the New Year and the Spring Festival are very different.There is one interesting story about the spring festival.


So how did the “year” come about? in ancient times, there was a ferocious monster called “Nian”, who would go from village to house on the 30th of the twelfth lunar month, hunting for human, and slaying creatures. One night on the 30th of the twelfth lunar month, “Nian” arrived in a village, and it happened that two shepherd boys were playing cow whips. “Nian” suddenly heard the whip sound in midair, fleeing in fright. It rushed to another village, and looked directly at the door of a family, wearing a red dress. It didn’t know what it was, and was so scared that it turned around and fled. Later, it came to a village again, and looked at the door of a household, and saw the bright lights inside, which made it dizzy, and had to slip away again with its tail between. From this, people knew that the “nian” has the weakness of being afraid of ringing, red, and light. They thought of many ways to resist it, and gradually evolved into New Year custom today.

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