automatic rebar stirrup bender for sale & CNC stirrup bender price in China

Automatic rebar stirrup bender for sale & CNC stirrup bender price in China .it have rebar straightening, rebar bending, rebar cutting all in one. Stirrup rebar bender is very important in steel wire / bar processing machine.Itech stirrup making machine support to one belt and one road project.

rebar stirrup bender

Construction buildings need all kinds of steel rebar. At first,people use manual bender and manual cutter as stirrup making machine. While more and more buildings projects, it is too slow. Then So people start to develop and use automatic rebar stirrup bender.


What’s feature of itech rebar bender?


Itech automatic steel wire bender diameter from 6-12mm.Because it is design as speical S shape,also called advanced feeding system. so it have anti-twist function,make stirrup more standard and is made by alarm system, PLC, servo motor and electric components of Italy brand.Compared with others,it is more stable rebar bender without belts, chains. rebar bending machine have the most accurate cutting rebar, straightening rebar, bending rebar and effect,so it can be widespread used in construction site,high speed railway,foundation, bridge, real estate, build materials store, reinforcing steel wire/bar processing factories area and cut&bend factory etc.

stirrup bender price

Itech as one professional steel wire/bar processing machinery China supplier,stirrup bending machine, rebar bending machine,cage making machine,,steel wire straightener, wire mesh welding machine,rebar shear line,sawing&threading line and related cnc plasma cutting machine, laser cutting machine can meet different customers’ requirement.automatic rebar stirrup bender for sale & CNC stirrup bender price in China,please visit our websit




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