Itech hope Palestine-Israel ceasefire & rebar stirrup bender, bar bending machine rebuild home

Itech as supplier of rebar stirrup bender machine for Israel and Palestine,Palestine-Israel ceasefire is not aggree yet. we pay attention to conflict between Israel and Palestine in the Gaza Strip those days. As for now, the two sides continued to exchange fire.


At the same time, some places such as West Bank and East Jerusalem, angry Palestinians continued to clashes with Israeli military and police. Several people were killed and injured, and on the rise. Itech customers who use rebar stirrup bender, and it is near the war place, we hope customer and stirrup bender are safety. Peace is with all people in Israel and Palestine.


Although the international community has continued to mediate, the effect is too little. The news previously reported that Palestine-Israel will ceasefire on the 20th, but it was denied by Hamas on the 19th. Israel said that it was assessing whether the current situation is suitable for a ceasefire. it was unable to give a “timetable” for the ceasefire. Many media outlets It is believed that the current ceasefire between Palestine and Israel is “difficult to achieve.”


Itech hope Palestine-Israel can ceasefire as soon as possible, the common people,women, children can be take care. We will insist to provide all kinds of rebar stirrup bender, bar bending machine,wire mesh machine,cage machine to customers for rebuild their home.


Itech as one professional steel wire/bar processing machinery China supplier,stirrup bending machine, rebar stirrup bender,cage making machine,,steel wire straightener, steel wire straightening&cutting machine,wire mesh welding machine,rebar shear line,sawing&threading line and related cnc plasma cutting machine, laser cutting machine can meet different customers’ requirement

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