rebar pile cage making welding machine in foundation and constrcution

A rebar pile cage machine, also known as a reinforcement cage making machine, is a construction machine used in the building of deep foundation structures such as piles.

pile cage machine

The machine is designed to automate and streamline the process of rebar fabrication reinforcement cages, which are essentially cages made of steel bars used to reinforce concrete piles. These cages provide structural integrity and strength to the piles, ensuring their stability and load-bearing capacity.

rebar pile cage machine

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foundation cage

The pile cage welding machine typically consists of a rotating table or platform where the cage is assembled. It is equipped with various mechanisms and tools to handle and bend steel bars, allowing for the fabrication of complex cage configurations.

stirrup rebar bending machine

To use rebar pile cage machine, steel bars are fed into the machine, and the machine automatically bends and cuts them according to the required dimensions and shapes. The bars are then assembled and welded together to form the desired cage structure.


Using a pile cage welding machine offers several advantages over manual cage fabrication methods. It significantly reduces labor costs and construction time, as the machine can fabricate cages at a much faster rate compared to manual methods. It also ensures accuracy and precision in cage dimensions and shapes, resulting in higher quality and more consistent cages.


Overall, the pile cage machine plays a crucial role in the construction of deep foundation structures, helping to expedite the construction process and ensure the structural integrity of the piles.


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